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Another Converted Garage... This time in Leeds

Christmas saw us complete on another project.. This conversion has been such a nice project to be apart of. The conversion from old dusty store to an amazing office space. Converting this Garage has created a lovely, well insulated space for our client to work from. Converting concrete panel garages is definitely doable and this is proof below.

The Garage was leaking water around the side of the building and was coated externally with pebble dash finish on the concrete panels. This Garage is to be converted into an office space for our client to work in from home.

We can carry out work on these Garages across the whole of Yorkshire.

The Garage conversion has the luxury of been fully insulated, fully functioning electrics inside. Patio doors have been installed to the side and a window fitted to the end of the building. We have also fitted a cat flap to the end which gives our clients pet a space to access.

For a quote on a conversion of this type of garage please get in touch or call on 07598 125956

We cover the whole of Yorkshire, Latest Projects in York, Leeds, Castleford and Harrogate.

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