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Selco 8mm Krono Oak Effect Laminate - For a Garage Conversion - Product Review

Sherwood Oak Laminate Overview Garage Conversion

On our latest Garage Conversion in Leeds, our customer had chosen a laminate flooring from Selco, the 8mm Krono Oak Effect Laminate. She didn't want just any flooring, she wanted something durable, visually appealing and cost effective. This flooring ticked all the boxes for her and I have to agree that we got what we paid for.

DIY Installation

8mm Krono Laminate in  Conversion

The standout feature for us was the ease of installation, with thanks to the simple one clic locking mechanism we was able to complete the entire floor ourselves in just a couple of hours. The planks click together leaving a seamless, smooth and professional finish to the garage conversion floor.

As recommended, we used Selco's Fibreboard Flooring Underlay which provided an excellent foundation for the laminate flooring.


Each pack contains 9 Planks, Each plank is 1285mm in length, and 192mm in width.

A pack will cover 2.22m2

Product Durability

A Durable Flooring Choice for a Garage Conversion

The laminate flooring has been installed in a garage conversion which will see a lot of foot traffic with the conversion been used for a treatment room for her physiotherapy treatments. We needed a floor that could with stand the wear and tear. The product comes with a 20 year warranty which gave our client piece of mind in making her decision to choose this laminate flooring for her garage conversion. Krono claim the flooring is hard wearing, resistant to shocks, pressure, impacts, scratches and abrasion!

A Good Looking Floor Finish!

The ease of installation pushed aside! The Laminate flooring is leaves a fantastic look and feel to the converted garage. The wood grain texture finish looks very authentic and creates a visually very good looking floor which can totally transform the look of a room.

The flooring is of a rustic texture with a beveled 4v grove on the joints.

Laminate Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance of this Laminate floor is very straight forward. Krono recommend that door matts are places in entrances to protect against wear. Ensuring that Cloths and mops are only damp and not wet when cleaning is essential!

Is the 8mm Krono Value for Money?

Cost-wise, we found the Krono 8mm Laminate Flooring at Selco to be budget friendly, especially when considering the quality and durability of the product. The Selco team offered great customer service and a great price of £10.99 per m2.

I would highly recommend this flooring for any Garage Conversion Project.

Sherwood Krono 8mm Oak Laminate flooring

Whether you are considering a garage conversion or any other project, if your looking for a good quality cost effective floor, This is the floor for you.

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