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How to Keep my Garage Conversion Warm - Heating Options for your Garage Conversion

Converting your Garage into a usable living space is becoming more and more popular across the UK. Projects we have been involved with in the most recent months have included converting garage spaces into Home Offices, Gymnasiums, Children's Playrooms and Hobby Rooms and an essential discussion to have when considering your conversion is making sure the garage is heated sufficiently. Below in this Blog post I will run through the options you have to keep your Garage Conversion warm.

Central Heating

A white central heating powered radiator in a garage conversion.
Garage Conversion Central Heating

A popular choice in regards to heating a garage conversion is by extending the existing central heating system into the garage and installing a Radiator. This involves running new pipework into your garage conversion from the existing pipework in the home. In our experience a central heating powered radiator is never usually far away and is easily run and install. It can be a bit more expensive to install but it does supply a consistent heat to your garage conversion and your home.

The positives to note are that central heating supplies an even heat distribution to your converted space, easily controlled through a thermostat. The cons to this option would be it can be costly to install and sometimes but not all, damage may need to be caused in the home for access and running pipework into the converted garage.

Underfloor Heating

Wet underfloor heating installation in a Garage Conversion.

Although not a popular choice on the garage conversion projects we have completed in Yorkshire. Underfloor Heating is a great choice for heating a garage in the UK. It involves installing pipework or electric mats beneath the floor. Underfloor Heating systems offer an amazing feel and is an efficient method of heating a conversion.

Pros: Even Heat Distribution, Nothing can beat coming home in cold weather and your feet landing on a floor heated by underfloor heating. No Radiators or Heaters taking up wall space and this method of heating is energy efficient.

Cons: Installing Underfloor Heating can be quite expensive and can cause issues with head heights in Garage conversions as the floor height may need to be changed (but this isn't always an issue)

Electric Radiators

Electric Wall Mounted Heater installed in a Conversion.

Electric Radiators are the most popular method of heating on the garage conversions we have carried out. We find this because installation is quick and easy. Nine times out of ten we have electrical work been carried out and to run a cable for an electric heater is quick and affordable in terms of installation. The radiators come in various styles and colors.

Pros: Quick and Easy Installation, Energy Efficient, Easily Controlled from Remote Control.

Cons: Higher Running Costs and May require additional units to heat larger conversions.

Wood Burning Stove

Log Burner in full force, Wood Burning Stove warming up a converted garage

Adding a Log Burner is an efficient form of heating a garage conversion as well as adding a bit of rustic decor to your conversion. These stoves provide a heat output (providing you burn good wood) and create a cozy welcoming space.

Pros: High Heat Output and can be central to the decoration of a garage conversion.

Cons: Requires a flue or chimney installation, Maintenance with annual chimney sweep and Having room to store logs to keep dry.

Above are a few ideas of options you have to heat your Garage Conversion, selecting the right option is an important part of Converting your Garage.

Each different method of heating provides its own pros and cons so it is a good idea to choose the heating which best suits your requirements and budget.

Which ever option you decide to go for in your Garage Conversion it is crucial that the heat source your choose is adequate to heat the floor area of your converted Garage.

No Matter which heating method you choose the most important thing is that a warm and cozy garage conversions awaits you.

Whether its an Home Office, Gymnasium, Children's Playroom or Hobby Room, it needs to be heated well enough to enjoy!

Yorkshire Premium Garage Conversion Company

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