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Spending on a Garage Conversion = Cheaper Than Moving?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

If your in the position where you feel you need more space in your home, your in the same position as I was in 2019. We had a growing family and needed more space. Luckily we moved before the world went crazy.

Moving at the moment is a expensive job, with mortgage rates increasing it makes more sense for home owners to stay where they are and improve there existing property.

I'd ask the question. Would you consider a Garage Conversion?

A Garage Conversion can open up the extra space you require. Whether it be for Kitchen Extensions or just more living space. These areas tend to be spaces that are left as dumping grounds and many unable to fit a car in comfortably it makes sense to use these spaces.

So its like getting a Garage Conversion is a Winner

Check out the perks of converting your garage:

1. **Budget-Friendly:** Compared to buying a new house, the cost of moving and the stress of packing everything up, or building an extension, garage conversions are a cost effective improvement. That means you get more bang for your buck and still get that extra room you want.

2. **Fast and Easy:** Converting a garage is a quick process than starting from scratch. Since the structure of the building is already there, the planning and conversion goes faster than building from scratch.

3. **Increased Property Value:** A garage conversion can increase your house's value. That's good news if you plan to sell down the road.

4. **Your Space, Your Way:** You can make the converted space into whatever floats your boat – an extra bedroom, a cool home office, a gym, or a play area for the kids.

5. **No Big Disruptions:** Since most of the work happens inside the existing space, your everyday life gets rocked a lot less during the conversion

If Your in Yorkshire Give us a call to carry out your Garage Conversion

We cover the whole of Yorkshire, Recent projects have been in Leeds, Castleford, York, Harrogate, Ripon, Thirsk, Pontefract, Selby and Wakefield.

To Sum It Up

In a world where bigger houses are getting trickier to afford due to those rising house prices, increasing mortgage rates, a garage conversion comes in like a superhero. You don't need to get in a boat load of debt to get more space – just convert that garage. Whether you're in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Castleford, or anywhere else in Yorkshire, a garage conversion could be the way forward for you.

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